June 2017

Fatality Files: Follow-up on Deadly Hot Water Tank Explosion

ST. LOUIS, MO A 1½-ton tank that exploded at a south St. Louis factory, shot into the air and crashed through the roof of another building was removed and sent away for

noise protection

Noise Protection in the Workplace

New noise protection rules take effect from July 1st. The new rules, Regulation 381/15: Noise, which the MOL officially approved in December, consolidate the previously separ

Store Convicted of Safety Violation in Trip-and-Fall Fatality

An empty wooden pallet lay on the floor in the receiving area of a store. A worker was unloading a full pallet from a truck onto a pallet jack. While walking backwards, he tr

Study Ties Exposure to Certain Solvents to an Increased Risk of Head & Neck Cancer

Various hazardous substances can endanger workers. For example, some substances can burn or irritate the skin on contact, while others can cause respiratory problems when inh

fishing vessel

New Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations

According to Transport Canada, commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in Canada due to the conditions in which fishing vessels are operated (type of voya

Feature Story: Dangerous Drivers – The Nine Most Dangerous Things Drivers Do

We all know distracted driving is dangerous, but what about other dangerous activities drivers do? An article from Car and Driver has nine answers to this question. Driv

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