May 2017

Study Finds Young Workers Reluctant to Report Minor Injuries

Studies have found that young workers are one of the more vulnerable segments of the workforce and thus more likely to get hurt on the job. And a new study found that when yo

WINNERS & LOSERS: How Do You Prove a Location Is a ‘Contaminated Site’ under Environmental Law?

Many environmental laws address the issue of who must pay for remediation of a contaminated site. But what qualifies as a “contaminated site” under these laws? For exampl

Focus On: Five Steps to Hand Protection

Various tasks and activities in the workplace can endanger workers’ hands. For example, workers’ hands could be cut by sharp materials, injured by hazardous substances or

World of Safety

Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome (HHS) is a disease that can be easily confused with other disorders, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (an occupational illness) or Raynaud’s d

Subcontractor Fined $600,000 for Stormwater-Related Violations

The MOE issued an approval, authorizing the construction of a solar farm. A subcontractor assumed the primary responsibility for implementing and monitoring the measures stip

US Store Using Exoskeletons to Protect Workers when Lifting

One of the job-related tasks that’s most likely to expose workers to the risk of a musculoskeletal injury (MSI) is lifting and/or carrying heavy or awkward objects. For exa

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