February 2017

Top 10 Barriers to Reporting Near-Misses

It’s a given that reporting of near misses reduces injury incidents. A report of a near miss (close call) creates an opportunity for identifying and removing hazardous cond

Importance of Root Cause Analysis in Incident Investigations

When a safety or environmental incident occurs in your workplace, you must investigate it. But the approach you take in that investigation can determine how effective you are

OSHA Injury Reporting Rules for 2017

As of Jan 1, 2017 OSHA’s new rule for injury reporting took effect. However, there is still time to get in compliance before reaching the reporting deadlines. The new OSHA

Extension Ladders – Best Practices

WHAT'S AT STAKE? Every year more than 18,000 workers are injured in falls from ladders. Many die. Would it surprise you to know that most victims fell from heights we would t

Don’t Be a Hero: Stick to Lifting & Handling Aids

WHAT'S AT STAKE? If you perform frequent or heavy lifting, you could be at risk for long-lasting injury. Even the simplest lift, when executed incorrectly, can lead to immedi

Hand and Power Tools – 10 Tips for Safe Use

WHAT'S AT STAKE? Hand and power tool injuries send more than 400,000 workers to the emergency room and cause hundreds of deaths every year. WHAT'S THE DANGER? Using hand and

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