October 2015

What’s The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned About Safety?

Question:  There are so many important issues and ideas related to having a good safety program, sometimes it seems overwhelming. If you were to list the most important thin

What to Do When the Inspector First Shows Up

Trick or treat! It’s not a ghost, a witch, a vampire or a werewolf who’s been rapping at your door. It’s something even scarier. It’s the OSHA inspector, and he wants

Building a Safety Culture by Measuring Results

This desire for measurement and feedback—for keeping score--is critical to how we live our lives. It is also the key to the success of our safety program. For one reason, i

Personal Stories Help Workplace Safety

Here at the City of Fort Collins, where safety matters as much as getting the job done, we believe that people cannot be reckless at home and then magically become safe when

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