August 2015

Serving Up Safety in the Kitchen

In the food industry, electrical shock is not the only hazard you have to worry about; other pitfalls lurk in a commercial kitchen, too.   The toaster was unplugged! A

3 Tips to Get Your Kids Back to School Safely

At this chaotic time of year, it’s easy to overlook health and safety best practices at home. But this is precisely the time when we need to be thinking about protecting ou

How to Host a Safe Summertime Celebration

Ahhh...summer. Time for the backyard barbecue, fireworks and fun in the sun with family and friends. As a good host, you put a lot of thought and planning into creating a fe

Do Your Workers Know What to Do in an Emergency?

Suppose a fire were to break out in your workplace or a gunman starts randomly shooting people. Would your workers know what to do, such as how to get out, whether to hide, w

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