June 2015

Distractions Derail Safety

WHAT’S AT STAKE Electronics technology has progressed so quickly that instant messaging, the Internet and credit-card sized music players are now in the hands of millions o

WHMIS 2015 Training: When Waiting Will Cause Trouble…

Let's set the record straight: if you operate in Canada and your company receives or uses hazardous products, it's uncertain you'll have until 2017 or 2018 to handle WHMI

How to Beat Heat Stress

The arrival of warm weather brings the risks associated with heat stress, which can strike workers silently and quickly, with the potential to be deadly. The danger is co

Do you know how to build a safety culture?

Dear Safety Manager, Please participate in the 2015 State of Safety Management Training Survey today and benchmark your company’s safety investments and activities.  Comp

Former Safety Manager Faces Criminal Charges in Workplace Fatality in LA

Prosecutions against safety professionals are rare but safety managers, directors, coordinators and the like can be held personally liable under the OHS laws in Canada. For

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