January 2015

Trucking Company Fined 63K for Electrical Hazards

Xpedited Services LLC, a Jersey City based trucking company, has been fined by OSHA after an August 2014 inspection revealed shocking safety violations.  In a recent news r

The Unforeseen Benefits of Siding with Safety

When safety professionals attempt to justify a financial investment in safety to bosses or managers who think in terms of dollars instead of lives, they often cite the costs

7 Signs Your Workplace Needs Refresher Training

If an experienced worker has performed the same tasks for years, he or she may be laboring under the misapprehension that there is nothing new to learn about the job.  But i

4 Ways to Keep Bored Workers Safe

When performing highly repetitive tasks, it’s not uncommon to go on autopilot. If you’re thinking about the score of the last game, or what you’re having for dinner ton

7 Must-Have Tree Trimming Safety Tips

You may have trimmed your Christmas tree with tinsel recently, but tree trimming operations -- the removal of limbs and branches from a tree without the removal of the tree i

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