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Oily rags can be found in all sectors of industry and at your own home. Improper use and disposal of these rags are responsible for fires, property damage, and injuries (some


Homeowner Fined for OHS Violation

Normally, a $1,000 OHS fine wouldn’t rate its own item in the CASES section of our Month in Review. But this case is a bit unusual, not because of the offence, i.e., failur

sand bags

Stacked Sand Bags Lead to Worker’s Death

A 56-year-old man was fatally injured when he was struck by and buried underneath a 4,000-pound bag of sand. On the day of the accident, the victim was trying to patch a hole


High Court: Unilateral Changes to Standby Rules Are Unfair

Lawyers stopped volunteering for standby duty after standby pay was cut unilaterally; so the employer made standby duty mandatory. An arbitrator upheld the lawyers’ grievan


What You Don’t Know About Forklifts

Powerful tools sometimes fall into dangerous hands. Just ask Barry Weissman about some of the bizarre things he's observed people doing with forklifts: He's seen people


Using Torch Near Gas Line Is Last Straw for Electrician on Probation for Safety

A journeyman electrician with 25 years of service used a propane torch to make electrical repairs. It was a curious decision considering the gas line running the length of th

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