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compressed gas

Compressed Gas Safety

Who among us hasn't heard stories about cylinders of compressed gas shooting across the works yard like rockets, devastating everything in their paths? Those stories

first aid

By the Numbers: First Aid

First aid is providing help and medical assistance to someone who is injured or sick. Why is first aid so important? Take a minute to look at these numbers and you see how fr


Police Officers Need Stronger Respiratory Protection than the City Provided

A long-running and complex dispute between the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) and police union boiled down to a single issue: Did issuing N95 disposable respirators appropriat


High Court Upholds Third Party’s Right to Sue Airline for Obesity Discrimination

doctor filed a complaint with the Canada Transportation Agency claiming that Delta Air Lines’ practice of relocating obese passengers to portions of the aircraft where thei


Sleep Apnea: What Supervisors Should Know

Workers put themselves and others at risk every time they work under the influence of too little sleep. Researchers say a significant number of motor vehicle accidents and a


Death and Serious Injury Caused by Sparks from Drilling

A 23-year-old male maintenance employee and an associate were installing steel panels between gun powder hoppers. The gun powder was ignited resulting in an explosion. The ex

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