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Two Divers Die in California Aqueduct

An investigation is under way to determine what caused two California Department of Water Resources divers to die during a routine inspection of pump intake pipes in the Cali


Tsunami: Can it Happen Here?

The recent tsunami devastation in South Asia is arguably the worst natural disaster ever. The fact that it occurred on the other side of the globe may make it seem like somet

car wash

Car Wash Worker Pulled Into Brushes

One might not believe a car wash could be a dangerous place to work, but it almost proved fatal for an attendant in Florida. According to reports, a female employee became en


Not Allowing Employees to Work on Sabbath = Religious Discrimination

Despite strong religious beliefs, a 54-year-old Jewish hairdresser chose not to observe the Sabbath. In fact, of the 6 days a week he did work, Saturdays were his busiest and

Court Nixes Airline Evacuation Procedure Change as Unsafe

Transport Canada agreed to reduce flight attendant staffing requirements provided that the airline seeking the exemption could demonstrate that the reduced crew could carry o

Worker Killed in Vat of Melted Chocolate

A temporary worker at Cocoa Services Inc. in Camden, NJ, died after falling into a vat of melted chocolate. Vincent Smith Jr. and two other workers were loading chocolate

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